The Scrub King

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Leave nothing unscrubbed

All you need for 100% head-to-toe refreshment. Literally. Invigorate your scalp, face, revitalise your body, and scrub where no man has ever scrubbed before, with our scalp, face, body, and back scrubbers. Plus, keep ‘em right where you need ‘em with their own handy storage hooks.

Face Scrubber
Unclogs pores
Removes dead skin and dry skin
Gets rid of ‘beardruff’
Helps prevent breakouts

Back & Body Scrubber
Unclogs pores, cleans deep
Makes skin feel soft and rejuvenated
Boosts circulation & exfoliates your skin

Scalp Massager
Exfoliates, Deep cleans hair
Promotes scalp health and boosts circulation
Strengthens hair
Boosts your mood
1 x Body Scrubber & Hook
1 x Face Scrubber & Holder
1 x Back Scrubber & Hook
1 x Scalp Massager & Hook.
Glass/ Perspex Mirror Shiny Tiles Shiny Marble Shiny Fiberglass Gloss Finished Metal (fridge)
Wood Unglazed Tiles Concrete Prefabricated Fiberglass Fibreboard/ Plasterboard Textured/ Uneven Tiles Mosaic Tiles

*See more surfaces on How to Use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Luke Wilkie

The Scrub King

Jason Lawrence
It’s a bit soft

Would like a firmer options tbh

Nathan Gray
Great skin

My skin feels great after using The Scrub King, highly recommend Tooletries' products.

Rachelle McCredden
The Hilti of bathroom Tools

Solid products. After my husband used the back scrubber he said ‘it feels like you scrubbed it’, which is arguably the greatest affirmation of its efficiency, elegance and effectivness. My personal favourites are the magnets, it's saved me from having to answer ‘hey babe where’d you put the nail clippers’ at least 3 times already, the nail clippers have lived in the same place for the last 5 years but now they’re right in front of his face. Again, extremly effective. Have signed up for the notification emails as I’m hoping they invent something that will mininse me hearing ‘hey babe where’d you put the shirt i wore yesterday that i left on the floor’.
Great products guys keep em coming.

Jayson Sanders
Great products to use on the body

Well constructed product to use on the body to get rid of unwanted skin

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